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2019 Cattlemen’s Young Leaders program year extended

The effects of COVID-19 have drastically impacted this year’s group of Cattlemen’s Young Leaders (CYL) participants’ ability to take full advantage of networking, travel and mentorship opportunities provided through the program. We are pleased to announce 2019 CYL participants who were originally set to graduate this summer, will now be graduating in August 2021.

The purpose of this extension is to provide participants with more time to use their $2,000 individual travel budgets, allow them to attend the CYL Spring Forum and the Canadian Beef Industry Conference in-person in 2021, and ultimately, create additional opportunities for them to meet face-to-face with their mentors.

We will still be welcoming a new group of 2020 CYLs to the program following a virtual finalist selection process in August, meaning there will be two groups of CYLs for the 2020-2021 program year. The 2020 CYL semi-finalists will be announced in the coming weeks. With a larger group of participants, we are looking forward to the additional opportunities this will allow CYLs to connect with likeminded young people from across Canada passionate about the success of the beef industry.

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