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Stand up for Canada’s beef industry and science-based trade principles by Saying No to a Bad Deal

The Canadian Cattle Association (CCA), in partnership with the Canadian Meat Council (CMC) and National Cattle Feeders’ Association (NCFA), has launched a campaign called “Say No to a Bad Deal”. Through this campaign, grassroots producers along with industry partners and supporters can urge our federal government that Canada needs to delay the UK joining the CPTPP until our barriers into the UK market can be addressed. In July, the Government of Canada announced the accession of the United Kingdom (UK) to the Comprehensive Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). The UK continues to have unfettered access to the Canadian market for their meat products, while Canada is unable to get our high-quality beef and pork products into their market. We are asking for reciprocal access for Canadian beef into the UK’s market. The interim agreement with the UK has resulted in unequal benefits for British meat. Non-tariff trade barriers have resulted in Canada being unable to access the UK market, while the UK enjoys unfettered access into the Canadian market. The proposed agreement will see the UK exporting over $50 million of their meat producers into the Canadian market, while Canada will be unable to export any meat products into their market. We are proud of the progressive trading standards and science-based rules established through CPTPP which ensures fair market access for participating countries. We do not think those standards should be set aside for the UK accession. We are not saying no to trade. We are saying no to a bad deal that puts Canadian farmers and ranchers at an unfair disadvantage. We urge Canadian beef farmers and ranchers, industry stakeholders, and all Canadians to stand up for a fair trade deal for both Canada and the UK by sharing your concerns with your Member of Parliament.

Please show your support by visiting and sending in your letter.

To learn more about this unfair trade deal, visit the FAQ section of our website.

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