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Transportation of cattle – Primary producer readiness for fall run

Updated: Apr 17

The updated Humane Transportation Regulations came into effect in 2020, which included the requirements for Transfer of Care documents and Animal Transport Records. There are no

new changes with these regulations this fall, but as the fall run ramps up, the Canadian Cattle Association (CCA) would like to raise awareness that requirements for a Transfer of Care document and the Animal Transport Record apply to ranchers and farmers when they are hauling their

own cattle for commerce.

When is a Transfer of Care document required?

A Transfer of Care document is required when cattle are delivered to the following:

  • An abattoir (federal or provincial)

  • An intermediary site including an assembly yard or auction market

When is an Animal Transport Record required?

An Animal Transport Record is required any time cattle are transported in the course of

business or if a financial transaction is taking place. It is not needed for routine animal

husbandry / management movements if no transfer of stewardship takes place.

How can producers meet the requirements?

  • There are no standard forms for Animal Transport Record or Transfer of Care document

  • The information required for the Animal Transport Record and Transfer of Care document has overlap. All information can be put on one piece of paper or added to any existing paperwork such as a provincial manifest to avoid duplication

  • Forms have been developed by many groups including VBP+ and Beef Farmers of Ontario

  • The Animal Transport Record MUST be kept by the transporter for 2 years but does not have to be provided to anyone else WHEREASE

  • The Transfer of Care document is only RECOMMENDED to be kept but MUST be provided to the intermediate site or auction.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) has developed a postcard resource for primary producers. Livestock Markets Association of Canda (LMAC) has agreed to ask its membership to distribute this information to producers with payments throughout this year’s fall run. This resource is included below for your reference.

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